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Carma and Christopher in love

Engagement Photo Shoot

Carma found a Groupon deal for a photo shoot at JC Penney. We really lucked out. Our photographer was a talented young lady with an excellent eye for photo composition. Click on thumbnail to open a larger image.

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Christopher takes a picture of sea horses

A Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific

One of the things that can really bring a couple together is sharing special places and occasions with each other, opening each other to new experiences. Christopher and I did that this weekend. For about a year or so now, I’ve been covering local science stories (not that many in Long Beach!) for Many […]

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Bride's Guide to Freebies: Enhancing Your Wedding Without Selling Out

Book Review: Bride’s Guide to Freebies

Title: Bride’s Guide to Freebies: Enhancing Your Wedding Without Selling Out Author: Sharon Naylor Publisher: Lyons Press Copyright: 2012 Language: English ISBN-10: 0762780010 ISBN-13: 978-0762780013 I think it quite obvious from the title why I picked this book: I want to have the best wedding for the lowest price. Given my long-standing financial situation only […]

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The Modern Bride Survival Guide

Book Review: The Modern Bride Survival Guide

Title: The Modern Bride Survival Guide Author: Antonia van der Meer, Editor-in-Chief, Modern Bride Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Copyright: 2008 Language: English ISBN-10: 0470170557 ISBN-13: 978-0470170557 I initially checked this book out because of the chapter on self-care, which included skin care, hair care and even diet and exercise. But once I got it home, […]

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Exploring Beauty and Skin Care

At the various bridal shows, I’ve met several skin and beauty care vendors. Some were full service, providing products for both skin care and makeup, while others focused on just one or the other. According to most of the bridal books I’ve been reading, and general bridal information online, it is a good idea to […]

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Thoughts on bridal showers

I’m going to say this upfront. I really want a bridal shower. As I read all this information about wedding planning, the topic of bridal showers continually comes up. Apparently, you can even have more than one! (That could be nice.) Now, I don’t want one because I want more gifts. Gifts are nice, but […]

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Thor Intimidates Christopher

Christopher’s favorite superhero is Captain America, so we stood in line to get his picture with him. However, we soon realized that in order to get to Captain America, we had to go through Thor. Well, I felt bad about just breezing by him and not getting a picture, so I volunteered to have my […]

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The Proposal

For a over a month, I had been planning to go to Catalina Island for my birthday — like I have ever since I moved to Long Beach — taking advantage of Catalina Island Express’s free trip on your birthday offer. I was excited about the opportunity to finally have someone to go with me, […]

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