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Catholic Wedding Answer Book by Paul Turner

Book Review: The Catholic Wedding Answer Book

Title: The Catholic Wedding Answer Book: ML Answers the 101 Most-Asked Questions Author: Paul Turner Publisher: Liturgy Training Publications Copyright: 2001 Language: English ISBN-10: 0893905178 ISBN-13: 978-0893905170 If you’re planning a Catholic wedding, this book will more than likely answer all your questions … even if the two of you aren’t Catholic or living in […]

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Bennefer Breakup

Celebrity Divorce and the Breakdown of Marriage in America

Marriage isn’t what it used to be … at least if you keep looking at the pages of The Enquirer and Star. Celebrities keep getting hooked in fairytale weddings that end in tears (and sometimes a terrible accusation or two). The headlines are full of news of one high-profile celebrity divorce after another; in 2015 […]

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Christopher takes a picture of sea horses

A Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific

One of the things that can really bring a couple together is sharing special places and occasions with each other, opening each other to new experiences. Christopher and I did that this weekend. For about a year or so now, I’ve been covering local science stories (not that many in Long Beach!) for Many […]

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Good News! We can now start forward in earnest!

Today, Christopher and I received the document we’ve been waiting four months for! What this document gives us is permission to move forward with our marriage prep with the Church and meet with the priest to set a date. Of course, because of the holidays, we probably won’t be able to meet with him until […]

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Exploring Beauty and Skin Care

At the various bridal shows, I’ve met several skin and beauty care vendors. Some were full service, providing products for both skin care and makeup, while others focused on just one or the other. According to most of the bridal books I’ve been reading, and general bridal information online, it is a good idea to […]

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Wedding bands … Check!

On Sunday, Christopher and I went to a cookware demonstration in exchange for a handful of gifts. One of those gifts were free wedding bands. All we need to pay for is shipping and, if we choose, the engraving. We got to see the two options of metals and size our rings. I’m so happy […]

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Lessons from Gary Chapman

Saturday, Christopher and I went to a seminar called “The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted” with Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts. If you are married or engaged, I highly recommend you take the time to attend this event when it comes to an area near you. […]

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