Meet the Wedding Party: Dolores Delgado, Mother of the Bride

What They Say About The Wedding
Staring Carma and Christopher:

“Two special people , seemingly quite opposite in important views of life, find the ‘true love of their lives’ at last!”
~ Dolores Delgado

Meet the Stars of The Wedding:
Mother of the Bride ….. Dolores Delgado

motherofthebrideDolores, Carma’s mother, was born an artist. She dreamed of being one, but didn’t care to be a ‘starving artist’ — so became a Geologic draftswoman instead. However, on the side, she continued with art: Studying it, enjoying it, selling it. “I will die an artist,” She says.

Dolores also enjoys traveling and is so grateful for her years in Spain and East Africa, as well as her time with the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (“White Sisters”).

Dolores in her "White Sisters" habit.

Dolores in her “White Sisters” habit.

Dolores leaving the hospital with Carma.

Dolores leaving the hospital with Carma.


Top 3 Favorite Films

  1. Avatar (2009)
  2. Contact (1997)
  3. Gladiator (2000)

Fun Facts

Fan of Science Fiction (especially time travel), Historical dramas and Biblical History movies. Fascinated by the distant past. Every face is a portrait in the making!


Question: If a movie were made of your life, what actor (past or present) would you want to play you, and why?

Answer: Cher because, as a portrait artist, her face appeals to me: love that sultry look. Sure wished I could sing like her — or at least sing well! In my 40’s I came the closest to that look — thinner, long curly hair (Sigh!)


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