Meet the Wedding Party: Morris Gildemeister, Father of the Groom

What They Say About The Wedding
Staring Carma and Christopher:

“Time, date and age don’t matter when two people fall in love.”
~ Morris Gildemeister

Meet the Stars of The Wedding:
Father of the Groom ….. Morris Gildemeister

Morris Gildemeister“My favorite memory of Christopher is his outstanding academic ability. This is especially true in the area of verbal communication as demonstrated in his high school debate and speech successes. This is an area in which I personally have had difficulty. Later this ability held him in good stead in college and in his ability as a guide and re-inactor at historic sites. His communication skills, both written ad verbal, continue to be outstanding as demonstrated in his current work with the Parents Television Council.”

Christopher Gildemeister At Fort Snelling

At Fort Snelling

Christopher Gildemeister At Fort William

At Fort William


Top 3 Favorite Films

  1. My Fair Lady (1964)
  2. Dr. Strangelove (1963)
  3. North by Northwest (1959)

Fun Facts

“During my high school years I alternated between wanting to be a forest ranger and a radio-TV technician! Maps and geography have always fascinated me. Supposedly true ghost stories and ESP, extra-sensory perception have also fascinated me. Since a young age I have enjoyed photography. My membership in camera clubs has allowed this interest to grow and express itself in many satisfying ways. A major continuing interest is the creation-evolution debate. Both are religious-philosophical world views. I am convinced operational (repeatable, testable, observable) science better supports creation.”


Question: If a movie were made of your life, what actor (past or present) would you want to play you, and why?

Answer: James (Jimmy) Stewart. I admired his real life military career and the roles he played in the movies he made. He is the sort of person and played the sort of roles I would like to have personify a fictional me.

Morris Gildemeister

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