Meet the Wedding Party: Pat Schwope, Mother of the Groom

What They Say About The Wedding
Staring Carma and Christopher:

“Confirmed Bachelor Bites The Dust.”
~ Pat Schwope

Meet the Stars of The Wedding:
Mother of the Groom ….. Pat Schwope

Pat Schwope“I carried you under my heart for nine months,” says Pat Schwope of Christopher Gildemeister. “You were a blessing the day you were conceived, and you remain a blessing today. I am so very proud of the man you have become.”



Top 3 Favorite Films

  1. Ryan’s Daughter (1970)
  2. Dead Poet’s Society (1989)
  3. Bridges of Madison County (1995)

Fun Facts

Pat is active in regional, state, and local camera club organizations; collects seagull items and souvenir spoons from travels.


Question: If a movie were made of your life, what actor (past or present) would you want to play you, and why?

Answer: Ashley Judd, because I think she is a fantastic actress.

Ashley Judd

By Genevieve – Ashley Judd, CC BY 2.0

Pat Schwope

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